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Do you know ? I'm sure you know about, because is a most popular site in the world. With you can discover and share your blog content. So it's one of the way to increse your blog traffic. But I do not want to converse many hitting about, which I will focussed is the step of installing the digg button on your page post.
With Digg button you can easy to submit your post with your self or with your visitor to Feel interesred to add digg button to your blog? this the steps :

1. Login to blogger with your ID
2. After entering the dashboard page , click Layout.
3. Then click edit HTML tab.
4. Click the Download full template link. Save your template:
5. Please mark the little box beside Expand Widget Templates. Wait for a moment.
6. Go to your template code, and find the code like this :

7. Delete the code above and alter with following code :

8. Click Save Template button.
9. Done. Now digg button was added to your post.

Allright, that is if your template code is original, how about template code was modified with Read More Function as my post. You must change your read more code with this :

Save your template and done.

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