ByTagg: Keep track of your favorite blogs.

ByTagg can be said as a solution that is useful to facilitate our follow favorite blog page. ByTagg also equipped with various features fungsionalis who has the ability as a Feed Reader, Reader Twiter and can also be used as a Search Engine. Every time we do a search, each keyword that is used will be saved in a tag, it is certainly easier for us to do a search on the time.

Besides, if we have a blog address, ByTagg can be utilized as an effective way to advertise. Because this tool also features the Affiliate program. How we live the option to install only the code or links that are provided by Banner. Ok it again, we also install a banner ad with a picture size 234x60.

For now ByTagg has been available on Windows Operating System, which will likely also come available for Linux and MAC.

Please Download the application directly ByTagg here

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