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For you guys, who already used to use internet, you must be know Favorites menu on Internet Explorer, or Bookmark on FireFox. With those facilities, we would easily find website or blog address that we already save there, to be visited again in the future. But, there is disadvantage on Bookmark menu, which is bookmark in the computer is offline. Specifically, word ‘offline’ means, bookmark will only work for that computer.

For you, who often change computers (don’t have own computer or using rental computer), will have more problem in using ‘bookmark’ than if you use personal computer. By using rental computer, it is difficult to be consistence in one computer. How do we solve those problems? The best solution is to use Online Bookmark Using Online Bookmark, we will easily put our favorite site addresses or blogs. We can open it in other computer next time. In one condition, our computer must be connected to Internet.

The way to use Online Bookmark is by using site which provides Online Bookmark. Such as Google Bookmark,,, and many others. The one that I will explain to you is Google Bookmark. First thing you must have is Google account. Don’t have any Google account yet? Make it easily by click here!. If you already have Google account, let’s we begin this tutorial. Just follow instructions below!

1. Please check out Google Bookmark.
2. Please login with your Google Account.
3. Click Add Bookmark sentences.
4. Fill the form that shown to you.
  • Name → fills it with the name that you desire.
  • Location (URL) → fills it with any of your favorite sites. If you love this site, simply type in it.
  • Label → fills it categories that you desire to, such as: blog or blog tutorial.
  • Notes → fill it with some notes that you use to remind you to that blog, such as: This is my most favorite blog or website!

5. Click Add Bookmark button!
6. It’s done!

With this Online Bookmark, never gets worried to lose your notes or bookmark. Want to open it in other places, region, country, no problem! Just connect it to Internet, go to Google Bookmark, and easily visit your favorite sites!

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