How to put a picture on the corner of the blog

One trick bloggers to blog look attractive is to install additional image in the corner of the blog. Installation image can be in the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. Besides this trick can also be used for other functions, according to what you want. Because if it is mentioned most ...

Without bla bla bla again, we immediately began installing tricks image at the corner blog:

• Login to your blogger account.
• Choose Layout -> Edit HTML.
Tip: Before you edit the template, we recommend you reserve an existing template by clicking Download Full Template writings. Then save the hard disk or other storage medium, so if things happen that do not want you already have a back-up to restore it as before.

• Add the following code in the code

• Replace the red code with the position of the image that you want (ex: top = top, bottom = bottom, right = right, left = left). And set the green code in accordance with the display on your blog.

• Then add this code in the code

• Do not forget to save

hopes it usefull ...

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