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Have you ever visited a blog in which you open it, it doesn’t bring you to the blog content directly but shows you a message, like the image on the left. Well, every person has different interest of something, like this Alert. Honestly, I don’t really like to add this script alert because it can make the readers uncomfortable. When readers are opening a new page, this alert always appears and readers should always click it. For me, it is really bothering.

How about you? Would you like to add it? If you want to add it, don’t add it too much because it really bothers the visitors. Once djenggot visited a blog with many alerts, I really felt uncomfortable.

In order to add script alert facility in our blog is not difficult because we don not add a lot of script. The sample scripts are as follow:

A red sentence is the sentence that you have to write. The content or sentence really depends on you. One script is for one alert, if you want to add more alert, you simply add new scripts. For examples, you want to add two alerts, so the script will look like below.

Simple, isn’t it? Besides using the above script, you can also use many others ways, one of them is by using the following script:

Both scripts will have the same result, so it depends on which script you want to use.
After knowing the script, it is time to add the script in your blog. Read the steps below to add it.
1. Login into blogger.
2. Click Layout.
3. Click Edit HTML tab
4. Mark Download Full Template.
5. Please save your template first. Always save the template before editing it. It is aimed at anticipating if there is a mistake when you are editing your template. If you make mistake in editing, you still have a back up and be able to return your template normal.
6. Find the code

7. Copy and paste the following code above of (change the red sentences with your own sentences)

Click Save Template
8. Done and open you blog to see the result.
It is easy, isn’t it? Just try it if you like it and good luck!

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