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Hi my dear friend, meet me again at my new tip for blogging. Today, somebody at my shoutbox asks me a question “How to change the width of ShoutBox?” OK brother I will try to answer your question. Do you know how to create a ShoutBox? If you still don't know how to create a ShoutBox, please read this post from my friends blogs. If you want to change the width or the height of your ShoutBox, you can set at your ShoutMix account. However, I have a simple method to do this. For example, I have a ShoutBox code like this :

If you want to set the width or height of your ShoutBox, only change the value of width or height, for example, this is the original value:


Change the number with would you want, example:


So, your shoutbox code will be like this :

The last step, don't forget to save your template. And it was done.
This is the real example. Originally :

This is already being modified:

Do you have another question about blogging at Blogspot? Write down your question at my ShoutBox and I will feel glad to answer it at my next post.

See you next time.

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