Make your Blog being Remembered by many visitors

It's will be glad if our blog was visited by many people every day. the visitors always visited our blog every time a newest post come, whether it's because of interest or because the factor X.
But do you know what that X factor?

I think the X factor of a blog is:


The original template and beautiful can make visitors come back again only to see its beauty. To create a comfortable reading our blog, use custom templates or standard that contain colors that are comfortable to be seen, like white and green. Do not use colors that make my eyes hurt like red and orange.

Tip: Do not use a black background or other dark colors for the post, it makes visitors uncomfortable in reading it. Use white or light green as the background.

Writing ordinances

You know Alay? You know that writing or typing if big-small writing and using a lot of numbers as a symbol or substitute for a letter. Such writing is to make readers work more to understand the content of these postings. Instead they are going to leave your blog, when only looking at the title alone, and use English well and right.

Tip: Do not abbreviate the words because this is a blog, not SMS (message). If there is a lot of space, why do we have to abbreviate?

Loading Page

Have you opened a blog and blogs that are not finished to load when you've waited long enough? I am often and usually I would close the blog. Do not let this happen to you because it is very harmful. Ceklah loading speed of your blog, do not have any service pake, just test it with your computer. If it is too long, then you can make improvements on your blog.

Tip: Reduce the image on your blog, or can also compress the image so that the smaller and faster to load. And also check whether the server where you upload javascript and images work well. I myself bought hosting for the purposes of javascript.

Hope it usefull

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