- Harnessing the Power of Email Marketing

The bell has "rung" and it`s time for today`s lesson. First, I`d like you to consider these four facts: *A DIRECT MAIL PIECE costs about 40-cents in postage alone. (And then you have to factor in paper and printing costs.) *A PHONE CALL can cost just as much - or more - than a direct mail piece. *A PHONE CALL wastes time (and time is money) because you`ll spend precious minutes - sometimes hours or days - trying to contact the right person. *A MESSAGE left on voice mail is almost always a waste of time, and therefore a waste of money. Depressing? Not at all. After you read today`s "Marketing Strategies that EMPOWER Success" lesson, you`ll be able to say "NO" to the downside of phone calls and direct mail and "YES" to the upside of email. Read on ... ================================ Harnessing

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