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Actually, all Engine Blogs already have text editor and image upload. Unfortunately, you won’t be so free because of the restriction from standard editor. Even more, you have to login in order to post a new article. Perhaps, these Free Blog tools below can make your blogging activity much easier. Most of these tools have supported image upload, drag and drop and also the support of WYSWYG Editor (What You See is What You Get). Although, in order to use it, of course you have to download it first.

Free Blog tools that you can use:


Qumana is a desktop blog editor that is easy to use, in where you can use it offline and then save it in your hard drive and upload it anytime you want. The more interesting, Qumana provides PPC Program which means if we show advertisement from them and every time a visitor do a click, we will get payment and some dollars will be directly sent to our account. | Download


A desktop blog editor tool which is very useful, support almost all engine blogs and also its support of many languages. The other advantage of this tool is it supports Indonesian language. Personally, I think this tool is the best and a must-try. | Download


ScribFire is one of Mozilla Firefox Extensions. Thus, this tool only works in Firefox browser engine and Flock. This tool makes you easier to post, edit, upload a picture, and also drag and drop. | Download


This tool is one of Firefox plug-ins. Since it is one of Firefox extensions, we have to have Firefox browser. Beside for posting, this tool also can make other usefulness.

Some features in this tool are:
• Doing ping process automatically to some sites service that has been chosen.
• Text editing is easy enough, it can be in text mode or HTML.
• Your editing method only needs to take some contents from online about the text contents that will be edited.

Support WYSWYG Editor.
• Capable to edit many blogs spontaneously.
• Support many blogs like blogger and wordpress.
• And many other features that you can try :) | Download


For you who use Flock browser, actually Flock blog editor already in one package with the installation that you can immediately use. This tool only supports blogger, wordpress, and Typepad. Some of its features are Post editing and Photo upload. | Download

If all free blog tools above still don’t satisfy your need, you can try the others like:
Blog Desk
Mars Edit

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