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Making money with Clickbank is simpler than you think. There are possibly 10,000 ebooks on Making Money with Clickbank and you are going to head into Information Overload if you try to work out every aspect of making money with Clickbank in a week.

So I have stripped down the Big Story of making money with, and kept this as simple as possible.

1 Go to and search the Marketplace.

2 Find a subject that interests you – something you feel you could write about and share your knowledge on. Example: Dog Training. Find a few Clickbank products for this subject with good gravity. (See Clickbank help for what this means)

3 Think of a few phrases people would use if ‘Googling’ about this subject. Example: Dog Training, Obedient Dog, How to Train your Dog, etc.

4 Go to Google and do a search using inverted commas “like this” on those above phrases.

At the top of the screen where it says

Personalized Results 1 - 10 of about 1,620,000 for how to train your dog. (0.20 seconds)

You will notice that Google is showing 10 results of 1.6 MILLION sites on this subject!

TOO HIGH. Try again with another phrase. And another phrase. Until you find a phrase that has fewer than 6,000 sites. (The fewer the better) You may have to try long phrases like “how to train my dog to lie down”.

5 Once you have the phrase with the lesser competition, write a 500 - 1000 word article which includes the chosen phrase in the heading; in the sub heading; in the first paragraph; and maybe a couple more times. Make sure the heading is compelling, (if you are useless at writing, you need to get someone to do it for you)

6 Make your article MAKE MONEY

Here’s the clever bit. Throughout your article, you can place links with the affiliate code to the Clickbank products you have chosen to promote. With the Dog Training idea you could find many ebooks on dog training tips and pop them into your article. For instance.

“Teaching your dog to lie down is simple. If your dog has learned some very basic obedience tricks so far, it will take less than 30 minutes. I taught my dog obedience basic by using this book (‘book’ is a link to a obedience training manual on Clickbank with your affiliate link supplied by Clickbank)

6 Put your article where Google likes it to be!

This includes,, (blog), and You can also place an advertisement for free at and

7 Wait for Google to find your article, and list it (2 days to 2 weeks). If you have chosen a keyword with little competition, you are going to find your article on page one or two! If your article is still many pages back, you may need to write a second article and link it to your first article to push it up. For instance, write an article on “how to train your dog to sit”, and at the end of the article mention the other article on “how to train your dog to lie down”.

Place some free ads linking to the article. Make a Squidoo and link to the article. Each of these tips should push you up the rankings.
Of course, this only works if you are going for a keyword with little competition. If you are targeting “weight loss”, you will be swimming with 5 zillion other sites for many years, trying to boost your ratings. There is no need. Keep finding those smaller competition keywords, rinse and repeat.

While your first article may only bring you a commission check of $20-$100 per month, imagine if you continued all year and had 1000 articles bringing you $20-$100 per month? That is a mammoth $20-$100k per year. Clickbank will deliver a cheque every two weeks to your door, and you can get your housekeeper to bank them, while you’re sunning yourself in Europe!

Ok… this is very, very, very simplified. But it takes the enigma out of making money with Clickbank, and this method will get just about anyone started.

Simply follow it.

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