Three Steps To A Great Blog

When I first started blogging for a living I didn’t really have any kind of formula. I used to hope that the words would somehow magically flow off my fingertips if I sat down and started writing in a kind of mass-produced-automotive- industry kind of way because I knew that I’d need to move forward continually if I was ever going to make any money at this blogging game.

So I think like everyone else that starts something new I floundered for a while until I decided that there were several things that I needed to do to make sure that I was writing the kind of blogs that people wanted and would order more of.

First off of course I need to learn something about search engine optimization. Being a writer I don’t pretend to know anything more about it than what I need to, and I have a strong suspicion that if I really tried to learn what some of the experts I work with know, I’d become bogged down and never get anything done.

So at first I just learned what I thought I needed to know about keyword placement and links and such and so far it has served me well. Although Google is continually waving the red flag of page ranking and changing the rules as we all makes passes at that cape, there are some rules that good bloggers need to understand about how the process works.

After that, I needed a way to adopt some kind of formula that I could use to approach all jobs. Granted the requirements for clients are usually all different, but I needed to find a common starting point to get to the right information. That’s when I took a look for the right hooks on the landing pages. If you know how to go about it you can generally get two or three good pieces of information that you can build on in a blog that’s designed to advertise a product or service.

Of course you don’t want to copy anything form the website but you want to be able to build on the important parts and put them into your blog to keep reader interest high.

Finally you’ll need to be able to find a way be able to do this over and over again because you’re going to need to do a lot of these to make a living at it. You need some kind of process that works for you and quite often you’ll need to adjust it as you go along.

I think it’s essential to take a few seconds to think about what you want to write before you start writing. Of course that’s contrary to what I said at the beginning of this post but live and learn—I know now that it’s best to collect your thoughts so that they flow more easily once you start putting them into Wordpress.

It’s important that you know when to take a break too. Words can’t be forced and when you’re tired and frustrated and you take a few minutes away from your screen, you’ll see how much better things go when you come back to it.

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