Britney stalker found guilty of peeking


A woman found acting suspiciously at Britney Spears’ home has been found guilty of misdemeanour peeking.

Miranda Tozier-Robbins was cleared of trespassing yesterday (20.08.09) after she was arrested in April dressed in military fatigues looking into a ground floor window of the singer’s $10 million home, in Calabasas, California.

However, she was convicted of the lesser charge.

Miranda insisted she has 'no obsession with Britney' and was only at her property to practice documentary filmmaking in a paparazzi style. She was caught with filming equipment in her backpack, and police were called after she refused to leave.

Before the court case, when asked for a statement Miranda said: 'Everything happens for a reason. There’s your statement.'

She also stated she did not regret what she had done.

Former 'American Idol’ contestant Miranda – who, under the terms of a previous restraining order, has to stay at least 100 yards away from Britney, her children and her residence – was handed three years’ probation and 240 hours of community service for her crime.

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