External USB drive: Aegis Padlock - Portable hard drive with security keypad

Apricorn has launched its Aegis Padlock Secure hard drive, which is a really secure portable storage system. The unit comes with a keypad that is used to enter personal PIN numbers and, in this way, protect the content stored in the device from potential intruders or unauthorized accesses.

Users can also choose between AES-128 and 256 bit encryption to keep their data secure. The device uses an integrated USB 2.0 cable and is compatible with different platforms.

The unit has an “Administrator Feature” that acknowledges up to ten personal PIN numbers from different users and a PIN for a special user with administrator role, so you will be able to grant access to a selected number of people in order to allow them to read and write data (for example, you can grant access to your family and a few friends). This product also has a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system in order to protect the drive from drops and knocks.

If you want to buy a portable hard drive, then the Aegis Padlock Secure is a great choice. And you can buy it through the Apricorn online store. There are models with different storage capacities: 250GB, 320GB and 500GB.

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