Top 7 Tips To Make Real Money With Amazon Associates

I have been an Amazon affiliate (their affiliate program is called Amazon Associates) for many years. However, all I do with it is the occasional affiliate link on a book I am talking about, and as a consequence I make $20 or $30 monthly with the program.

Given that the commissions are quite low, I figured this is normal for most people. Then a couple of weeks ago I came across a post from Chris Gurthie titled “Top 7 tips I used to make $41,438.42 in 2009 with Amazon Associates“. It caught my attention for obvious reasons. Here is a quote from the article:

3. Focus on in content affiliate linking: 45% of total earnings

The biggest chunk of money I earned was by linking to products inside the actual blog posts I was writing about. Say for example I was discussing a new product that was now available to pre-order. First I would link to it because it was available for pre-order with no mention of the price. Then I’d show an image and use an affiliate link for that (more on images in the later tips). Then after the image I’d share a few of the products specs but then use an affiliate link titled something like “see full specs” and then if there were other colors I’d link to each one of those individually.

The interesting thing is that Chris breaks down exactly where his affiliate commissions are coming from. For instance, 45% of his earnings came from in content affiliate links, while 15% came from best-selling lists.

It is worth a read if you are considering to earn money promoting Amazon products (or if you are already doing so, but with mediocre results).

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