What Is Going On with the Feedburner Stats?

We all know that the number of subscribers reported by Feedburner fluctuate. Some days you’ll gain a couple hundred, other days you’ll lose it. This is because some RSS readers are only counted if the user actually used it to view your RSS feed that day (e.g., Firefox subscriptions).

That being said, lately these fluctuations are reaching a new level. For example, my feed reported around 45,000 subscribers until last week. Then one day it went down to 40,000. The other day it jumped to 50,000, then 55,000, and today it is back to 40,000…

So what is it Feedburner?

I took a look at the stats, and some of the big fluctuations seem to be coming from RSS readers being added and removed from the overall count (e.g., Netvibes). I am just not sure why this is happening.

I also visited some other blogs, and noticed that they are having similar fluctuations, so it might be a widespread thing.

Are you guys experiencing it on your blogs as well? Do you know what might be causing it?

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