How to Make Photo Be Like Mosaic

When viewing a mosaic, maybe you will immediately imagine how difficult if must be made. In fact, you can make it by way of instant, aka quick and easy. There are many software makers mosaic picture out there that you can use. His status is mostly not paid.

All you need to prepare only a main photo that will be used as the basic display of photos and a few other photos that will be set as a photo image main constituent. The photographs making up this can you prepare as much as possible. Amounts can be hundreds, even thousands. If not available, some software allows you to make repetitive images.

One option mosaic image composer software free status is AndreaMosaic. The latest version is 3.23 Beta installer file size 5.9 Mb.

Software that can be downloaded from the site / andreamosaic offers easy to create a unique mosaic in an instant. You do not have to bother to sort your photos manually. Want to know how? Check out this guide.

  1. Install and run applications on your PC AndreaMosaic. Thereafter, the program window will appear on the screen. Determine the image size and resolution in the upper right panel. On the menu "Tile Sizes", specify the number of photos making up the main photo. More and more in number, the more subtle detail the main photo.
  2. Come up with the main image by clicking the button [] on the upper right side of the application areas. Find and select the photo in the search box that appears, then click [Open]. Wait until the image appears in the right pane.
  3. Do not forget to set the amount of duplication of photos making up the menu "Use Same tile up to". This is useful for if the author photo is less, so the application would duplicate the photos together to formulate the main photo. Antarduplikasi distance can be arranged on the menu "Duplicate spacing".
  4. The form of constituent images are also available in several styles and can be selected in the "Pattern". Percentage change in color photographs making up can be managed in "Colour Change". Before uploading photos making up, collect old photos in a folder so easy. When finished, click the [Select Tiles].
  5. In the dialog box that appears, click the [Add Folder]. Find and select the folder containing the photos that you have prepared earlier. Click the folder, then click [Open]. You can enter more than one folder image here.
  6. By clicking on [Analyze Folders], this application will calculate the number of images in the folder. Information of this photo will be displayed. This data can you make as a benchmark to determine duplication of photos based on the number of "tile size" that you specified earlier. Save a collection of photos by clicking [Save Archive ...], then end by clicking [OK].
  7. Back to the main application window. To process a photo mosaic, just click [Create Mosaic] is at the bottom. Tunggui this process through to completion. Once done, the results will be displayed in a new window. Without the need to be governed, the result will be stored in a folder whose name is the same as the major photo file. Ditto with the location of this folder is the location of the main photo.

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